Don't Ever Give Up

June 19, 2017


"There is no reason to ever quit. Unless, of course, you had no plans to ever succeed."- Doug Firebaugh; "If there is no struggle, there's no progress."- Frederick Douglass. 

Monday's Moment of Clarity: Well, the results of the MRI are in and apparently Blake Griffin and I have more in common than our love for Doc Rivers. My MRI results revealed a right first ray plantar plate tear. There are also signs of a second metatarsal plantar plate issue developing which is the cause of my current discomfort. This occurred over time while training for the marathon but was exasperated during a basketball game I played in April before the Spartan Beast. All of the years of trying to be like Bo Jackson are starting to catch up to my knees and toes causing my second digit to sit abnormally compared to the other digits. This causes pain upon plantar flexion in weight bearing and although the discomfort is less than it was in April, it is still present. 

Blake Griffin injured his great toe the same way resulting in season ending surgery this year. So apparently I tore my first plantar plate on my big toe at some point in my life but never knew it because it hasn't hurt to this day. The second one is not torn fully but definitely is damaged. The fact that it feels better is a good sign that they won't have to do surgery but it's not the plate that's the issue, it's the second toe. Since it lies up a bit when I run, it hurts when pressure is placed on it so the surgery would be to break the bone and reset it flat. Usually they see this in people with hammer toes but I don't have that. So they suggested wearing the boot for two more weeks and then assessing the pain again. Surgery would be a 4-8 week recovery process before returning to sports but just two weeks in a boot and then sneakers for two weeks. Since I am the best Physical Therapist that I know, I'm gonna work on my toes for 2 weeks and see what happens. 

My Monday Motivational thought is simple: don't ever give up. "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right."- Henry Ford. Be More "Positive" Today. #bemoretoday #transparancy#motivationmonday #downbutnotout

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