Monday Motivation


"Hustle without strategy and well-being is just busyness and workaholism. Don't grind. Strive with intention."- Brendon Burchard.

Happy Monday @bemore2day Family! This week's Monday motivation is geared towards all of the people who are just like me.. "Always On The Move". You're probably gonna feel like your tasks or problems this week are already adding up just like the droplets of rain from the sky today in Brooklyn. Like most weeks in general, your work load only increases in intensity until those droplets feel like you're walking in a lake of to do lists. Whatever your tasks are for the week, you gotta keep your health and a steady peace of mind on the top of your priority list. I'm all about the hustle. I work six days a week with 10 hour days not including family time and baby duties. We all have stuff to do, but remember this week to Be More "Intentional" as you grind through your to do lists. The one thing that should never be left to the waste side is your health. Remember to stay cool even when the pressure starts to rise and know that like all things, this too shall pass. Let's get it! #hustleandflow #bemoretoday #youcanhandleit #mondaymotivation #alwaysonthemove #drseanpt #workworkworkworkwork #peaceofmind #nosweat #letsgo 

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